Yin & Yang: The Purpose Of Negativity In Your Life

You can only seek the opposite of something if you acknowledge the presence of that thing in the first place.

The entire purpose of negativity in your life is to help you discern what its opposite is.

An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you. ― Goi Nasu 

Don’t let the negativity of this world knock you down. Don’t let it win. Don’t go where the path may lead. Go where there’s no path and leave a trail. – Prince EA

You can’t see stars shining without darkness.

The 4 principles of Taoism

Negativity (or dark) is just an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to understand what light means.

This concept is explained in Taoism, a nature-based philosophy that focuses on the observation of nature.

1. Oneness: we are One

The first principle of TaoismOneness, shows us that we are not separate from nature. Often we see “us” as the human race and “them” as nature. This is not possible.

2. Dynamic balance

Then there is dynamic balance.

There are always two polarities in nature (things that appear opposite and different), symbolized by the “yin and yang (sickness and health, wealth and poverty, love and hatred, darkness and light).

However, none of these pairs exist alone just as we do not exist alone.

3. Cyclical growth

These two basic polarities (yin and yang) not only balance each other, but also complement each other in cycles.

This is the third principle of Taoism: cyclical growth.

The sun is replaced by the moon, then the moon is replaced by the sun.

Summer is replaced by winter, then winter is replaced by summer.

Light is replaced by dark, then dark is replaced by light.

Everywhere in nature, you will see these basic cycles.

4. Harmonious action

Taoists believe that you can actually produce one polarity from the other.

This is the fourth principle: harmonious action.

This means that when you want more of something you have to give more of that something.

If you want power you empower, if you want abundance you give abundantly, if you want love you give love.

You have to give away the very thing you wish to receive back.

Negativity is not a setback

Negativity is not a setback but the stepping stone to success. Darkness is not only necessary but we should embrace it.

When times are tough it’s up to us to fight our way back into the light.

We know there’s light because we have experienced the darkness.

Only that way we can forge our lives and be thankful for the positive things. If everything would come without effort, we could not appreciate it and be happy.



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