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Work With Me

Are you tired of…

  • Struggling with annoying or painful symptoms
  • The way your body looks
  • A life that you don’t feel your own


  • Your body looking good & with an ideal weight
  • Feeling good about yourself
  • Having freedom to live your full potential and true desires

Who could you be today if I helped you make this transformation happen?

We’ll work 1-on-1 for the next 6 months to create a life you’re proud of.

People that struggle with chronic health problems, often need guidance in all areas of life. That’s why diets and traditional cures don’t work anymore.

Nutrition is crucial, don’t get me wrong… But so is harmonizing the other areas of life as well: emotional/spiritual health, career, relationships.

The question is not if you can change your life. The question is: Will you do it? Will you take the challenge?

Let’s talk… Schedule now a 50 minutes FREE Discovery Session on Skype. The purpose of this call is to find out if we are a good fit to work together.

Let’s create a life worth living… A life tailored on your true authenticity. Together is possible. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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People I’ve Helped

Rosamaria M.

I was chronically tired, unhappy and with eating disorders. When I was diagnosed with a tumor I was definitely losing all my hopes. But everything changed when I started following Fabrizio.

Now I’m happy, fulfilled and I desire to live my life fully. Fabrizio, I wish you to make all your dreams come true and to help other people do the same. You really deserve it.

Rosa B.

I was struggling with chronic fatigue and back pain. Since I started following Fabrizio I noticed a great improvement in my life. Now I know that food and natural supplements are really our medicine.

I’m full of vitality and my mood improved greatly. Thank you, Fabrizio.

Gaetano B.

I really was in trouble with my poor cardiovascular health and I was unaware of any solution. Fabrizio has become my point of reference for all things related to health. He showed me the way and taught me why I was suffering from so much poor health.

It all makes sense now. And I’m glad that I listened because it changed my life.

Eylem G.

I had annoying and unsightly skin rashes. Fabrizio has taught me & my family to make our eating habits healthier. I now feel healthier, I feel full for longer and my skin feels great.

Fabrizio really knows what he's talking about and made a big difference for me & my family. Thanks Fabrizio!

Rosa M.

I was so confused about how to live a healthy life. Fabrizio has been enlightening for me. He is now my reference, he taught me how to select foods and supplements and to listen to the signals of my body and mind.

He made me realize that at any age you can change, grow and improve for yourself and for society.

Anna F.

My life was a nightmare with excruciating migraines. I had lost all hopes when I approached Fabrizio. And then in that moment for the first time I realized there were solutions, more than anything though I felt there was hope.

Along my journey, Fabrizio gave me back that hope and then he gave me back my whole life.

Sick and tired of your poor health?

I can help you to live your best life... Are you in?