When Problems Come Back Again

You commit to resolve all your problems so you feel stability, alignment, positive thoughts, inner sense of stability and calm. And then out of the blue you are back to where you began.

You’re struggling again. Situations you thought you had overcome are back again in front of you.

It is easy to feel as if you are improving, you reach a place where you feel happy, serene, positive and then all of a sudden you keep slipping backwards.

You experience a time period where you feel like you are back where you began. You are struggling again and you cannot find inner peace.

This is very common but it’s important to understand that it is impossible to go backwards. The Universe only ever moves forward.

The perception you feel of “slipping backwards” has to do with your physical perspective, which operates according to a linear timeline.

This is just a perception of the three-dimensional world because it’s actually impossible to go back to where we began. Energy, from the Universe prospective, moves in a spiral.

The points where you feel going back, are contrast points, are the points where you struggle but where you are actually making improvements, where you gain higher and higher levels of vibratory frequencies (from the Universe perspective).

In other words these points on the spiral are opportunities for even higher levels of purification. Because healing comes in layers, not all at once.

For example think of a mountain with many intermediate summits.

You reach the first summit. You feel accomplished, happy, in alignment.

But then your life must go on towards new projects, new goals and you start for a new summit.

And you struggle again in the same way you did the first time. But it’s just the process to reach the second summit. You are not falling back even if the difficulties are the same, the struggle is the same.

Because now you are on another level, a higher level.

Not only that, now you start again for another summit. Now there’s less oxygen, so even more difficulties, more struggle. It feels even worse than when you started but it doesn’t mean you are going backwards.

You still keep climbing and improving, in fact every negative circumstance you pass through is just an opportunity to continue to grow.



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