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What You’re Worth

Redefine how you view education, understand its true meaning. Education is something more than regurgitating facts from a book, or someone else’s opinion.

Education is something more than what they taught us in this society. Because as long as you follow the rules and pass the exams everything is fine. But examiners have a checklist and if your answer is outside the box then it is automatically wrong.

Education is not about filling one’s head; it’s about inspiring their mind.

What you’re worth cannot be written on a piece of paper. What you’re worth is written in your heart and until you start truly believing in yourself you are not going to have an authentic life.

When you follow your own path it’s like showing up in the arena. Everyone knows better than you what you’re supposed to do.

But you can’t please everyone. And if you try to do that, you end up pleasing no one… Least of all yourself.

Whatever choices you make, there will be someone ready to judge you.

So follow your ideas, your path anyway.

Every decision is going to represent your heart, your character.

You represent yourself every day with every decision you make. You build a reputation with your decisions. Decisions are like bricks. You can build a castle. And how awesome is it going to be? It’s all on you.

Self-Love & Emotional Healing

Many people feel that they fight so hard for an equilibrium that other people try to destroy.

That’s why I’ve written a FREE ebook called “Your Life Back Technique”. Breaking free of the influence of negative people is the first step to take back control of your life.

So now, it’s your choice. Make a decision. Take the challenge. It’s all on you.


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