What it Means to Have Faith

To have faith is to have positive confidence or trust in something.  It is to believe something is true even without proof. Because where there is evidence we can’t speak of faith.

Everything in existence begins as a thought.

When a thought is thought enough then it becomes a belief.

Proof is a manifestation of a thought that you think often enough that it becomes part of your physical reality.

Faith is the bridge between thinking and knowing. It is the confidence in the validity of something positive before the proof has manifested physically.

Having faith in a positive outcome doesn’t mean you’re denying a problem or ignoring obstacles.

It’s like flying on instruments: it’s acting on the assumption that just because you can’t see a possibility at the moment doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

In our modern society, faith has become a tool to pretend to know something that we don’t know.

We mistake faith for knowing. So we close our minds to other experiences, other possibilities.

Faith becomes ignorance when it becomes proof of “knowing”.

To have confidence in something or to hope for something is not to know something. Instead it is a sort of bravery, the bravery to walk in the unknown.

We are the ones who should choose what we have faith in. We are the ones who have confidence in something.

Organized religions cannot impose their faith on us. Every scientific discovery began with a scientist having faith in his studies. After all, he did not yet have the proof he needed to be sure.

Faith should never be confused with knowing. Saying “I don’t know” is way better than pretending you know.

Faith should never close a person down to possibilities because this only makes us ignorant.

A spiritual person is a person who is full of faith. It is a person who is willing to live with confidence and hope in a Universe full of the unknown.

Spiritual growth involves giving up the stories of your past so the Universe can write a new one.



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