What Is Spirituality And Why Religion Is The Cause Of Many Wars

There’s a fine line between history and mythology.

Myths are defined as a collection of imaginary stories told to explain nature, history, and customs.

Now, who decides when history stops and mythology begins? And that’s the problem with religions.

Does God Exist?

Many people believe that God exists (or doesn’t exist) because they were raised that way, but from a philosophical point of view, this isn’t enough.

When we ask ourselves “Does God exist?” we ask the wrong question. We should ask: What is your definition of God?

Most people think we are sort of being played by an external God. It’s not so. We create our own reality through the law of attraction.

God is just a word.

It doesn’t really mean much except what we want it to mean.

But essentially we can talk of it as a Source of Life, as energy. It is a synonym of Nature, Universe or the laws of physics that govern its workings.

Morality is doing what’s right, no matter what you are told. Religion is doing what you are told, no matter what’s right. – H.L. Mencken

Jesus and religion are on opposite spectrums. One’s the work of God, one’s a man made invention. One is the cure, the other is the infection. Religion puts you in bondage but Jesus sets you free. Religion makes you blind but Jesus makes you see.

— Bethke J.

The messengers—Buddha, Jesus, and others—were humanity’s early flowers. They were precursors, rare and precious beings. A widespread flowering was not yet possible at that time, and their message became largely misunderstood and often greatly distorted.”

— Eckart Tolle

What is spirituality? The true meaning of religions

Religious wars were born because Christianity, Islam, Judaism all make the claim to be the True Faith.

These people speak in the name of God and they pretend to be right (because is God that speaks) and to force their own ethical model of man and society.

People also believe that to be a spiritual person we have to follow an organized religion. That is absolutely not true.

Spirituality is a universal path to love and inner peace. It’s an unlearning process, the unlearning of the ego’s false belief system, of the negativity, of the lack, the comparing, the separation.

It means something different to everyone. It may refer to almost any kind of meaningful activity or blissful experience. It is that sense of a deep unity, that sense of oneness with the Universe. 

Religion should be used to enlighten our spiritual path, it should blend with personal development so that it empowers people, not the establishment that enslaves us.

Religion should be a means to live a better life, to help us understand the concepts that go beyond the physics (metaphysics). It should be a bridge between what we understand (science) and what we don’t. It should serve us. It should be a means for personal growth.

does religion cause war | Fabrizio Fusco | spirituality without religion

There are three main aspects about God described in all sacred texts and major religions, although they may have become distorted over time:

1. God is One

God is an infinite concept. God is energy. It is also consciousness.

Source is an alternative word for God. It signifies ultimate oneness, the united energy that makes up everything that is. So we are not a separate entity in our physical body.

The Higher Self is the portion of Source within and of the physical body, which remains non-physical and therefore maintains the energetic vibration of Source regardless of what energetic vibration is held in the physical body.

When you assume the point of view of the higher self, you can live in a state of true authenticity; you are in alignment with your life purpose.

2. God is everywhere and is everything

Everything in existence is God.

But if we are all God, then how can God be One?

Because we are all interconnected.

Some religions call it Karma. Deep within yourself, you already know that another person is really just you, because all are One.

When one is harmed, all are harmed. When one is helped, all are healed. Everything you do comes back to you.

3. You are part of God (or you have a soul)

We are, in the physical dimension, an expression and extension of Source consciousness. Because of this, we are a creation of God. But as an extension of God, we are part of God. So, we are both the created and the creators.

Even if the ego makes you believe that we are separated from God, this is not true.

You can do whatever it is that you want. Nobody can stop you in you have faith in your capacities. You are an eternal, limitless being.

The only limits you will ever experience are those you choose. 

There is no intermediary required for you to connect with the Source. There is no doctrine, you are already part of the Source. You have always been. The “Law of One” belongs to everyone of every creed.


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