We are All Afraid of Something

We often think that the opposite vibration of love is hatred.

Actually the opposite of love is fear.

Hatred is a consequence.

We commit evil things because we lack confidence, we don’t feel authentic, we are afraid, we have a feeling of injustice.

We are either in alignment with our purpose, with our higher self, or we are in resistance with it.

Institutions and organized religions, imposing their truth above our inner guidance system, deepen a wound already open preventing us to align with our higher self.

The result is lack of love that manifests as even more violence.

This doesn’t mean that fear is something we should suppress, hide or be ashamed of.

Fear is a tool, is an indicator of what we feel. It tells us how to proceed.

Nobody can avoid fear. We know there’s love, because we experienced fear. In the same way we know there’s light, because we experienced the darkness.

I invested my life in teaching how to heal emotional wounds.

But do you know the truth?

My emotional wounds still hurt. And it’s not true that I’m not afraid anymore. I’m afraid to remain trapped in my own prison. I’m afraid just like you.

We are all afraid of something.

But if our desire is greater than the fear we can find the motivation to go on.  It’s our purpose that makes us overcome any hurdle.

However, I’ve understood that fear is necessary. Fear is not your enemy; you should not be ashamed of fear. If it didn’t exist you couldn’t know who you really are, you couldn’t know what love is. It is true that you don’t have to act out of fear. But you have to examine what your fear is telling you.

It’s like a football game. Fear is your opponent but not your enemy. It is necessary to play the game. If there was no opponent you couldn’t play the game.

At the same way if there was no fear you couldn’t live. There’s always contrast, it’s needed to grow. You’ve got to learn how to master the storm. There’s no destination, there’s only the journey.

You have to learn how to shine a light and face the shadows of your unconscious mind to slowly heal your emotional wounds.

Anyhow, along your journey remember that everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. So be kind. Always.



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