The Truth about Vaccines

Vaccines are another industry that brings billions and billions of dollars every year. But here Big Pharma has gone a step further: they don’t only sell a “cure” to ill people, they also managed to earn money forcing vaccines on people who are in a state of perfect health.

By now we already know that medical treatment for those who are ill is a multi-billion dollar business. But forcing people who are perfectly healthy to pay for medical treatment is a scam even bigger.

Unfortunately the world we live in is owned by companies, not people… And those companies have one interest only: money. The companies lobby politicians to pass laws that are not at all in the best interest of the common good. These same companies own the media.

So we don’t hear about how harmful vaccines are because to give the general public the real information about vaccines hurts sales. Most of the studies done about vaccines are done by the very same companies that stand to profit from the success of these vaccines. So there is a huge conflict of interest.

You have been lead to believe that vaccines are safe. But they are not safe. Don’t buy the fear they are selling you.

Vaccines are no substitute for eating a diet and living a lifestyle that supports the immune system.

Vaccines are very harmful especially in children under the age of 2. There are natural barriers between a human body and a virus such as the walls of the respiratory and digestive system. By injecting a virus straight into the blood stream, you are by-passing those natural barriers. This enables the virus to enter vital organs and to cross the blood brain barrier which is extremely dangerous.

We don’t really know what ingredients are in a vaccine. What we do know though is that they contain extremely toxic heavy metals as mercury and aluminum. Such heavy metals are the primary cause of degenerative diseases as cancer, Alzheimer, autism.

Think about that: if I took the typical vaccine ingredients and injected them into you, you could call the cops and they could throw me in jail for attempted murder. But if you give the same ingredients to a white coat and inject them into a child then it’s medicine. That doesn’t make sense at all.

Flu vaccines are not mandatory but too many vaccines are forced on children. And forced vaccination is a loss of freedom. It is unconstitutional to make them mandatory. In fact, they are not.

There are exemptions for philosophical reasons in every state. It’s not easy but is a battle worth fighting. Maybe someday people will wake up with a 2nd Enlightenment and maybe, but just maybe, forced vaccines will be recognized for what they are: one of the cruelest crimes against humanity.



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