The Health Triangle

What does it takes for the body to thrive? In my experience there are three elements that need to be considered: nutrition (or in a wider sense biochemistry), emotional stress and physical shape; that’s what natural medicine is all about.

You can think of these 3 elements as the sides of a triangle and each one is as important as the others. If you address only one or two elements probably you’ll feel better however you won’t see a full transformation until all of them are took in consideration. Indeed, the three components are interconnected and each one feeds the other, that’s why we absolutely need all of them.

Let the food be your medicine. Let the food you eat slowly kill you or let it slowly heal you. You can choose, you have control over the food choices you make.

What we put in our body really matters. Don’t be fooled to think that junk food is not going to affect your health that much. What we eat alters the chemistry of our body either positively or negatively.

Nowadays our diets consists of refined sugar, refined flours and carbohydrates, trans fats, alcohol, caffeine and all kind of processed foods filled with chemicals and preservatives.

The 300 trillion cells that make up our body can’t sustain vitality on junk or processed food, in fact the more you do to a food the worse it gets for us to absorb.

Ingested food has to be digested, this consists in a complex chemistry that breaks down the food into smaller and essential nutrients as vitamins and minerals.

These nutrients are absorbed and utilized while the waste is eliminated. The result of our bad diet is that, as the chemistry goes out of control, the body become toxic and depleted of essential mineral and vitamins.

The organs that detoxify the body (mainly the liver but also lungs, skin, kidneys and bowels) are forced to work much harder to keep up with the situation.

To make matters worse the environment is heavily polluted; the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, electromagnetic frequencies: they all further disrupt our biochemistry.

That creates the right environment for parasites to thrive within our body allowing allergies and infections to come up. Finally, at that point, a chronic disease sets in and your traditional doctor will try to heal it with prescription drugs.

But that’s not going to work! It cannot work! Artificially modifying the chemistry with a prescription drug will only disrupt the biochemistry even more feeding the disease.

We are not deficient in a prescription drug, we are deficient in vitamins and minerals.

Though the symptoms are covered and we are “happy”. That’s the crazy world we live in!

Emotional stress
Nowadays mental stress is a huge problem, it’s probably the major body breaker. Our lives are completely out of balance, we live in constant worries and anxiety, we doubt ourselves.

This might not be visible from the outside but it wears down ourselves from the inside.

Fear is the emotion that leads us; we are afraid not to have enough money, we are afraid to lose our job, actually we hate our job and we see it only as a mean to make money. How can you be happy doing something you hate for eight hours a day?

When we are stressed the entire system goes in “fight or flight” mode, that is, in danger or emergency mode.

This state is conceived for us to be, temporarily, as alert as possible but today we are constantly stressed, it’s not an emergency state anymore.

The body stops the digestion, shuts off all the functions not essential to survive including the healing and repair mechanisms.

Stress hormones, as adrenaline and cortisol are released, and they make us aggressive and nervous. Finally adrenal fatigue and a nervous breakdown set in.

Clearly the body is not going to sustain vitality in that condition: start accepting yourself for just being you; let go of your fears and make space for love.

Structure/Physical exercise
A correct structure, or physical shape, is necessary for the body to function properly.

Think of a squared tire: it won’t roll.

A person not overweight and with strong muscles and bones is a good example of a fit person. If, for instance, you become overweight, bones will bend under the weight, leading maybe to scoliosis, pain sets in and the body is put under a lot of physical stress.

Physical exercise is a great way to be fit: it lowers the weight, improves the shape and fitness by strengthening muscles and bones, it regulate the glucose metabolism, releases endorphin that make you feel happy and helps regulate sleep.

You can run, cycle, swim, go to a gym, whatever you want. Actually there is no need to be a marathon runner, it can be sufficient to walk or simply to stay in movement conducting an active lifestyle.

The three components mentioned are interconnected, for instance, emotional stress could affect the biochemistry activating the “fight or flight” response and releasing adrenalin, lack of physical exercise could trigger sadness or depression if too little endorphins are produced, a bad diet could make you fat disrupting the physical structure.

As you see, we need all the components of the triangle of health. If you harmonize all of them you’ll thrive. And if you are sick you’ll heal from any chronic disease. That’s the message of hope I want to spread.



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