How I’ve helped people

Rosamaria M.


Rosamaria’s health was seriously degenerating. She suffered of excruciating migraines since childhood and was forced to take prescription drugs everyday or more times a day.

She also had high cholesterol, severe constipation and IBS.

She was chronically tired and unhappy and tried to cover this void through binge eating, followed by fasting.

All this caused her to develop a tumour and had to have surgery. That’s when Rosamaria approached me.


With my guidance Rosamaria started to establish healthier eating habits and taking my recommended natural supplements.

In a few months, her life has completely changed. Her migraines have vanished, together with all other symptoms. And she doesn’t take any toxic medicine anymore.

Her diet is now healthy and she doesn’t feel the craving to cover her voids with binge eating, junk food and fasting. She is now full of energy and desire to fully live.

“I was chronically tired, unhappy and with eating disorders. I was only living half-life. When I was diagnosed with a tumor I was definitely losing all my hopes. But everything changed when I started following Fabrizio.

Now I’m happy, fulfilled and I desire to live my life fully. Fabrizio, I wish you to make all your dreams come true and to help other people do the same. You really deserve it.”

Rosa B.



Rosa was struggling with chronic fatigue and back painwhen she started hearing about natural health. Her curiosity brought her to study my content.

She finally approached me during an acute dental infectionbecause she was reluctant to use the antibiotics that the doctor gave her.


With my guidance Rosa resolved the dental infection in a couple days without the use of any toxic medicine.

She then continued to follow my indications and the chronic fatigue has soon disappeared and now she’s full of vitality.

In the same way, the annoying pain is just a memory of the past.

“I was struggling with chronic fatigue and back pain. Since I started following Fabrizio I noticed a great improvement in my life. Now I know that food and natural supplements are really our medicine.

I’m full of vitality and my mood improved greatly. Thank you, Fabrizio.”

Gaetano B.



Gaetano was in trouble. Years of abusing his body left him with high blood pressure, heart trouble, and scoliosis with chronic back pain.

In fact, things had gotten so bad that his doctor told him they might have to amputate his leg. This was the mother of all wake-up calls for Gaetano, and it hit him hard.

He realized right away that he needed to take every angle of his health into consideration. So he came to me.


The first thing we needed to change was Gaetano’s eating habits.

It’s never easy to overcome addiction to the junk food you love… However, Gaetano realized that his choice was either to step away from it or roll away in a wheelchair after having his leg amputated.

Gaetano started to feel better almost immediately after starting his new eating and supplement plan. Today, he’s happier and healthier than ever.

He’s shed a lot of excess weight, his back pain has almost disappeared, and within one year his health has improved so much he doesn’t even need to take any medication anymore.

The doctor also confirmed that cardiovascular problems have reversed.

And of course, he still has both legs.

“I really was in trouble with my poor cardiovascular health and I was unaware of any solution. Fabrizio has become my point of reference for all things related to health. He showed me the way and taught me why I was suffering from so much poor health.

It all makes sense now. And I’m glad that I listened because it changed my life.”

Eylem G.



When Eylem first approached me, she had some annoying and unsightly skin rashes which were making her life more difficult.

She also suffered from a bloated stomach which sapped her self-confidence.

But after seeing the changes I was able to make in my own life, she started to believe a difference was possible for her as well.


Eylem and I had a conversation together where we discovered more about her eating habits and why she felt the way she did. From there, we took some steps toward helping her clear up her illnesses.

With my guidance Eylem started to establish healthier eating and lifestyle habits. Based on her health issues, I provided her with a meal and supplement plan to help her live the life she wanted.

Since then she feels healthier, happier, and her skin is clearer than ever.

“I had annoying and unsightly skin rashes. Fabrizio has taught me & my family to make our eating habits healthier. I now feel healthier, I feel full for longer and my skin feels great.

Fabrizio really knows what he’s talking about and made a big difference for me & my family. Thanks Fabrizio!”

Rosa M.


When Rosa first approached me, she was already in fairly good health, other than an ongoing issue with carpal tunnel syndrome.

However, at 55 years old, she recognized that the habits she established now would help her remain healthy later in life.

After gathering information on how to live a healthier life, though, Rosa became more and more confused.

With so many conflicting opinions and ideas about what a healthy lifestyle is and how to live it, she was left even more unsure than before.


After a few mentoring sessions, Rosa reached out to me to express her relief and gratitude.

The information presented allowed Rosa to better understand her health and the best way to take care of herself.

All her doubts disappeared as she discovered the connections between chronic disease, mental stress, food, and other difficulties in life.

Health is a choice, and now Rosa has all the information she needs to make that choice.

Oh, and her carpal tunnel issues have disappeared!

 “I was so confused about how to live a healthy life. Fabrizio has been enlightening for me. He is now my reference, he taught me how to select foods and supplements and to listen to the signals of my body and mind.

He made me realize that at any age you can change, grow and improve for yourself and for society.”

Anna F.


When Anna first approached me she was 55 years old, and had been suffering from excruciating migraines for nearly 40 years. Despite the dozens of pills she took daily, she hardly ever experienced any relief.

In fact, this chemical cocktail she was taking ended up causing a range of other issues as well, including psoriasis, IBS, nodules on her thyroid, and a large lymphoma which was approaching her vital organs.

And despite all the specialists she had seen, her condition continued to get worse.

At her darkest hour, after the advice of yet another specialist made her feel even worse, Anna approached me.


After assessing Anna’s overall health, it became clear that one of the major causes of her health concerns was a buildup of toxins in her body.

A mixture of natural supplements and a diet designed to reduce candida overgrowth in her body allowed her to wean herself off her prescription drugs.

After a year of treatment, many of Anna’s health issues disappeared entirely, while others became much less severe.

Today, Anna feels once again fully alive, and has reclaimed her life.

“My life was a nightmare with excruciating migraines. I had lost all hopes when I approached Fabrizio. And then in that moment for the first time I realized there were solutions, more than anything though I felt there was hope.

Along my journey, Fabrizio gave me back that hope and then he gave me back my whole life.”