The System will Change when People will Change

We often hear people say that the system is corrupt, that the companies control us: Monsanto, vaccines, chemtrails, GMO and so on. Yes, the system is corrupt. We all know that. So, what can we do about it?

Many people like me opted out of the system trying to create their own job. It’s a tough decision but we believe in what we do.

However then we ask ourselves: “did we really opted out of the system?“ We have to pay taxes, so we are feeding the system anyway. An unjust system that we don’t want to feed. Also the government makes it hard for us to succeed or simply to live.

Yes it’s true, it’s impossible to be completely out of the system. Because we, the people, are the system. And the system will only change when people will change.

You see, the system is not perfect at all, in fact is very bad. But it’s still a system.

It allows us to live, to take advantage of the technology that is available, take advantage of the monetary machine (instead of barter). It has allowed civilization.

But as with everything in life, nothing is 100% good. Because there will never be good without bad.

You can understand that if you want to start from scratch a new civilization you are going to have problems as well. Because it took many generations to build this system. You have food, clothes, a home, the internet. All things we didn’t have. Because we had only misery. And we have all these things thanks to the system.

Look at the evolution of mankind as a whole.  Everything works in cycles.

There was a time when Africa was the land of kings, of the gold, now is the land of war and terrorism. We had matriarchy, now we have patriarchy. We had the barter system, now we have currency.

So, the system is there and being upset doesn’t solve anything.

Try instead to put yourself in the frequency of love. Commit yourself to be the best person you can be, so you can inspire others, so that you can create a world a little bit better.

Say thank you to this damn system that is giving you the opportunity to have clean water. Focus on the things you love, share the love. Educate yourself, share your knowledge.

I firmly believe that real change happens from the grassroots, not from the ones who rules us. Because they have no power if we educate ourselves and make decisions for the collective good.

We build the system with our decisions, with our choices. We hold the power to make the rulers powerless. So, the system will only change when people will change.



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