Why Suppressing Migraine Symptoms Is Not Enough

Migraines are a leading cause of disability around the globe.

Traditional doctors try to treat the migraine symptoms without considering the root cause, but this never works.

If you’re a migraine sufferer you know what it means.

Also, it’s an invisible chronic disease so you’re being doubted, judged or dismissed.

That’s overwhelming and heartbreaking.

A Toxic Negative Spiral

If you suffer from migraine you probably visited many doctors, specialists, neuroscientists.

On every visit, you were hoping “this time I may beat migraines for good” but unfortunately it never happened.

Nothing ever changed.

Maybe you visited the most renowned professor of the country.

But nothing ever changed.

They told you they had to try different prescription drugs because the effects are different for everybody.

So, you changed cure after cure.

But your migraine kept becoming worse and worse.

You told the neuroscientists that the cure was not working but they kept telling you that they had to experiment different treatments.

Till you lost all your hopes.

Till you became completely addicted to your painkillers.

Till you don’t have a life anymore.

At this point you’re taking so many painkillers that you perfectly know the side effects will kill you.

But you don’t care, because the pain is terrible.

As you can see there’s a problem with those experiments: they are prescription drugs intensive.

And this can’t work. Because artificially modifying the body chemistry will disrupt the body even more.

To resolve the problem, we can’t just cover the migraine symptoms (the pain); we have to go to the root cause.

Within each of us there’s a spark that can light the way to health. There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people. Bernie Siegel, MD

In medicine, it is understood that what we are trying to do is mimicking nature, the perfection of which cannot be matched by the human mind. – Marianne Williamson

 Your body is far more intelligent than science will ever catch up to. It has not forgotten how to heal. You just need to create the right environment for a long enough period of time to remove inflammation and infection.” Ann Boroch, Naturopath, cured herself of Multiple Sclerosis

The Real Cause Of Migraines

In the beginning, you had a few headaches once in a while.

Maybe it was a bad diet or a stressful period. Or even genetics.

When you started taking prescription drugs the toxic negative spiral began.

So, we have to figure out what’s going on in our bodies:

Phase 1

Parasites are the root cause of our illnesses, in this case our terrible migraines.

Toxicity, stress, lifestyle, acidity in our bodies make possible for bacteria, viruses and fungi to thrive.

Particularly, a species of yeast called Candida Albicans is an opportunistic pathogen that causes infections in humans.

This imbalance of bad bacteria and other parasites versus friendly bacteria is called dysbiosis.

Also, as a by-product of the parasites, even more toxins start to circulate. The body has filtration systems but when these pathways get congested they start to recirculate the toxins.

Phase 2

This imbalance between good and bad bacteria also causes maldigestion and malabsorbtion fueling dysbiosis even more.

Phase 3

The body reacts getting inflamed: this leads to leaky gut—porous openings on the gut lining—which allows fungi, toxins and indigested food to escape into the bloodstream.

Phase 4

At this point, constipation is very common: toxins don’t find a way out and, once again, they recirculate in the body.

Phase 5

The cycle repeats and reinforces as time goes by. The result is that illness never heals, in fact becomes chronic. As we add prescription drugs into the equation the negative toxic spiral gets completely out of control.


In response to disease the body becomes swollen and chronically inflamed.

Actually, inflammation is a healing process, but it’s now clear that when the process is chronic we cannot sustain vitality.

In fact, this environment wreaks havoc on the body and this is expressed through cell and DNA damage.

It’s not that we have a faulty DNA as traditional doctors want us to believe, it’s toxicity that alters the DNA.

This concept is very important because it means that if we manage to detoxify the body we can heal any “incurable” disease.

Yes, even the most terrible migraine in the world!

Migraine Relief

So, now here are three steps you can follow in order to heal from the inside and get rid of your migraine.

1. Follow an anti-inflammatory diet

All the stuff that is sold in our grocery stores is so heavily processed that can hardly be called food.

An anti-inflammatory diet helps your body detox from parasites and toxins improving the general health and your migraines.

To achieve this result, it’s important to eliminate industrialized food, refined sugar, gluten, dairy, animal proteins.

A diet rich in vegetables, fruit, nuts & seeds and gluten free cereals is what your body needs to sustain vitality.

2. Find inner peace

It’s not just about nutrition.

If you want your pain to subside, you have to heal on a spiritual level as well.

Because from an energetic perspective, illness is a toxicity crisis. Suppressed emotions and stress collect in our body and are not released.

This emotional build up has to be cleaned to allow the immune system to fight off parasites and toxins

3. Use natural supplements

There are 93 vitamins and minerals in our body and each of them has a specific function to maintain healthy cells.

The most important supplements are magnesium chloride, ascorbic acid and vitamin D.

Also, there are natural remedies or supplements that have been proven successful to beat migraines.

They are: coffee, ginger, magnesium chloride and CBD oil.


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