Summer 2015 – Mountains, Nature, Historic Sites

Nature and its colors are just wonderful. Hiking in the wild nature can be one of the most fulfilling activities.

When you hike in the mountain or in the forest sometimes the path may disappear.

You may be stuck not knowing which way to go.

And you may be scared.

Because the unknown is frightening.

But what you really fear is what you project into the unknown, not the unknown itself.

You fear the potential unwanted things that you create in your mind.

This is the moment you want to turn back. You are tired, thirsty, feeling stupid.

But just keeping going.

Because the goal at the end is wonderful.

And when you reach it you feel overjoyed. All the fear and the struggle are behind you. You feel strong and powerful.

“Fear makes you want to go back and follow the path you know. Fear wants you to be safe. But if you listen to fear, you will achieve nothing. And achieving nothing is what really hurts.” 
Jade Joddle

Here is a slideshow of the places I’ve been in this summer 2015. Enjoy.



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