Rosamaria M.


Rosamaria’s health was seriously degenerating. She suffered of excruciating migraines since childhood and was forced to take prescription drugs everyday or more times a day.

She also had high cholesterol, severe constipation and IBS.

She was chronically tired and unhappy and tried to cover this void through binge eating, followed by fasting.

All this caused her to develop a tumour and had to have surgery. That’s when Rosamaria approached me.


With my guidance Rosamaria started to establish healthier eating habits and taking my recommended natural supplements.

In a few months, her life has completely changed. Her migraines have vanished, together with all other symptoms. And she doesn’t take any toxic medicine anymore.

Her diet is now healthy and she doesn’t feel the craving to cover her voids with binge eating, junk food and fasting. She is now full of energy and desire to fully live.

“I was chronically tired, unhappy and with eating disorders. I was only living half-life. When I was diagnosed with a tumor I was definitely losing all my hopes. But everything changed when I started following Fabrizio.

Now I’m happy, fulfilled and I desire to live my life fully. Fabrizio, I wish you to make all your dreams come true and to help other people do the same. You really deserve it.”

About The Author

Hi, my name is Fabrizio and I’m grateful that our paths have crossed.

My mission is to help people who struggle with physical and/or emotional health to guide and empower them to create a vibrant, healthy and fulfilling life.

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