Religions: Humanism or Fundamentalism?

Religions were born form a human desire to seek consolation, reassurance and the hope of an afterlife.

Morality was also based on religions.

But if their purpose was to transform human behavior in the direction of love and inner peace they failed.

The message of the early spiritual leaders, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha has been distorted and used for politic interests after their deaths.

The problem with Holy Scriptures is that we take them literally.

This was traditionally referred to as fundamentalism.

The Bible, the Quran, and so on, are great mythological books of metaphors, they’re awesome, but they’re not to be taken literally. This ruined their great teachings and created hatred because they are incompatible with one another.

This is a more humanistic view where human beings are the center of the attention and religions are a means to live a better life.

They should help us understand the concepts that go beyond the physics (metaphysics).

They should be a bridge between what we understand (science) and what we don’t. They should serve us. They should be a means for personal growth.

Following the episodes that in the last years have promoted unethical actions and violence, the term fundamentalism has been slowly redefined by our society.

It is now only associated with radical actions and terrorism.

But I am convinced that everything is more profound than that and the correct meaning is the original one.

The cruelest slaughters have been made in the name of religions and we force children to grow with the same religion of the parents without asking ourselves questions.

Have you ever heard about the nature based philosophy Taoism?

Why less than 1% knows it?

Maybe because it’s a religion that would free the masses from the institutions. And this is not convenient, because institutions want you slave, they want to control you.

Why don’t we make kids study all world religions at school and show them how they are incompatible with one another? They would be free to choose.

And if you still argue that organized religions teach peace and brotherhood maybe you are lying to yourself.

The truth is I don’t need an institution that makes me feel scared of going to hell in order to do a good deed, to love others, to give all myself to others.

I do it because I think it’s right, because I love others. Because I believe in Oneness.

I dream a world without religions. I dream a world based on philosophies.



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