Reaching the Mountain Top

If you want, you can do anything. You can reach the mountain top but only if you keep going till the end. The same is for life. Never give up. You just have to keep going. Because life is full of opportunities only if you keep going.

When you look at the summit from the bottom it seems unreachable.

Your goals in life seem unreachable.

But you have to focus on a single step at a time and always keep going. That’s what it takes to get through the journey of life.

Maybe you don’t know the “correct” path to the mountain top. It doesn’t matter. You still know what you want: to reach the top, to reach your goals. And that’s enough to keep going.


All you have to know is how to take the next step and then another step and then another one.

Because the “correct” path it doesn’t even exist.

You have to go where there is no path and leave your trail.

You will struggle along the journey. You will make mistakes, you will be forced to lose altitude. It just happens. And that’s when people give up.

But a true climber, a true fighter doesn’t give up when life if tough.

He keeps going.

Because he knows that “failure” is an opportunity to grow stronger, it’s when you learn the more.

And then you get back on track. Because the summit it’s up there and the life you want as well.

All limits are in your mind.

Reaching the top requires perseverance. But when you are there you feel a sense of fulfillment.

Everything you do in life takes time no matter what it is. And when nobody believes in you anymore, there’s gotta be still one person that does: it’s yourself.

Never lose faith in your capacities. The world is yours. If you believe it till the end.



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