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It’s Not Easy to Go Against the Grain

It’s Not Easy to Go Against the Grain

It’s not easy to go against the grain. And the reason is not that, actually, that path is more difficult. No, the reason is our emotional self.

The true reason is that to conform to others is easier, you lose and win together. You lick your wounds together when you lose and you celebrate together when you win. It gives a feeling of safety even when that path leads, for everyone, towards failure.

Going against the grain, instead, requires courage because we are alone and if we don’t get what we desire is so easy for the ones who observe us to say: “I told you so”.

On every path you will face failures, but when you go against the grain you have to be ready to face them and get up by yourself even if you’re alone because nobody can hear you heart beating, nobody can see what you see.

However, if you really believe in your true abilities you can never fail because you already won in the moment you decided to follow the true desires of your heart.

You already won in the moment that everybody says you to take a path and instead you choose the one where the beating of your heart leads you.

Self-Love & Emotional Healing

Many people feel that they fight so hard for an equilibrium that other people try to destroy.

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So now, it’s your choice. Make a decision. Take the challenge. It’s all on you.


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