Are Multivitamins Really Safe?

Generally, I don’t recommend multivitamins for many reasons. I think that the minerals and vitamins not listed in my self-study course can be obtained through a healthy and balanced diet, unless, for some reason, you have a severe deficiency.

There are many problems with the most common multivitamins on the shelves of drug stores:

  • Firstly they have been processed by Pharmaceutical Companies the same way our food is processed so they often contain sugar and other toxic elements.
  • Secondly, they don’t contain enough important minerals such as magnesium and vitamin C. Our body is extremely deficient in magnesium and vitamin C because of our diets, stress, pollution and lifestyle. The amount of magnesium and vitamin C in the most common multivitamins is ridiculous compared to the amount we need.
  • Finally, the most important aspect to consider is that they contain minerals that are very dangerous for our health. In particular there are 3 minerals that can be extremely toxic to the human body: calcium, iron, copper. Nevertheless these minerals (heavy metals) continue to be heavily prescribed by medical doctors.



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