Listen to your Inner Voice

The secret to feel free is to choose to listen to your own inner voice, not the random opinions of others. Because only when you stop caring what other people think of you, you really become free.

Institutions are killing our thoughts, our ideas. But we, the people, give them power. Because we search for solutions outside ourselves, when everything is inside!

We just have to stop to give our power away. All starts within.

The economic and humanitarian crisis the world is going through can’t be defeated by some laws or rules that someone enforces. The crisis can only be defeated by education, culture, ideas, willpower.

Because it’s not true we haven’t ideas anymore. We just don’t have the courage to go against the grain. We don’t have the courage to take risks, to exit the comfort zone.

We have to gain awareness that we don’t need centralized information. We have to give power to our ideas. Because ideas are not something that institutions can kill. Ideas live inside of us, the same way stars keep shining after the storm goes away.

So we have to choose to live by choice, not by chance.

We have to choose to be motivated, not manipulated.

We have to choose to excel, not to compete with one another.

We don’t need to compare ourselves with one other and we can’t be perfect either.

Excellence is not about showing how perfect we are. It’s about showing how imperfect we are and being OK with it.

Because we are perfect within our imperfections. This is what choosing to excel means.

Finally, it’s true, it’s not easy to go against the grain because if we don’t get what we desire, everyone will say: “I told you so!

But if you believe in your true abilities you can never fail because you already won in the moment you followed your true heart desires.



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