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It’s Who You Are that Really Matters

It’s Who You Are that Really Matters

To be successful you should build a strong foundation.

A foundation that represents who you are, your character development.

This is the way to build the stronger version of yourself.

It may seem weird but to build the strongest foundation you should focus on your weaknesses.

This doesn’t mean that you have to build your career on them.

It’s true, for your career focus on what you’re good at. Specialize in something you’re good at, something you have talent at.

In this way you can develop skills and transform it from good to awesome.

But then, in a more general way, focus on your weaknesses. Otherwise you could build an amazing environment based on a weak foundation. It would be all an illusion if your weaknesses are really weak.

Everything could disappear in a moment and you would lose everything you have.

Instead focusing on the weaknesses means building everything in terms of your character, in terms of the foundation of who you are.

Because who you are, you’re going to bring it in every situation in your life.

Let’s say you build something great and then circumstances go against you. You don’t receive payments you are entitled of, you lose all money revenue, you lose the support of people you care about.

If your character is weak then you start acting as a victim. You start saying that the world is not right and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Instead if your character is strong, yes you would be devastated, at first.

But only for a little while.

Because then you come to the realization that it’s who you are that builds your life.

It’s your personality, the value inside of you, not external circumstances.

You come to the realization that you can fix your problems, that you can always find a way, that you can start over if you need to.

This is what truly means working on your weaknesses.

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