Introverts Change the World

About a half of the population is introvert.

Yet society tends to emphasize only extrovert’s qualities and to underestimate introvert’s qualities making them feel guilty.

My personality is to be introvert, I prefer to stay by myself, I recharge when I’m alone. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Susan Cain talks about the power of solitude. Because even solitude matters.

Introversion is not something that needs to be cured. You have to spend your time the way you like, not the way you think you’re supposed to.

We have to understand that we are never alone; we are one with the Universe.

We could be by ourselves and feel complete, feel that we are reconnecting to the whole self.

A different thing is being isolated, this means feeling (not being) alone.

A lot of us are around people because we don’t want to be alone, but in the process we are denying ourselves, our authenticity.

Feeling alone is when nobody understands us, when we don’t get support. It is feeling disconnected from the world. It is a state of mind that can be changed only by the way we think of ourselves. It can be changed only working on ourselves, embracing who we are, being authentic.

Introverts may even have strong social skills but they need quiet environments to recharge themselves.

They listen more than they talk, think before they speak, and they feel like they express themselves better in writing than in conversation.

They tend to avoid conflict. Many dislike small talks, but enjoy deep conversations.

It’s not that introverts never have small talk. When they are in environments that nurture their authenticity, they laugh and chitchat just as much as anyone else.

Often people are put in positions of authority just because they’re good talkers.

Of course this is important but we focus too much on presenting and we forget that introverts have valuable traits as well: productivity and critical thinking. These characteristics are surely better developed in quiet environments.

Introverts are powerful and they make things happen.

There is a quality that can make them great: it’s charisma. That is inspiration, attraction and the capacity to enthrall people.

The truth is that it’s possible for introverts as well to make their message spread.

Yes it’s true, introverts rarely speak in public.

But when they do, they change the world.



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