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How to Stop Feeling Empty

How to Stop Feeling Empty

We feel empty when the unconscious mind contains feelings, thoughts and memories of unhealed wounds and suppressed emotions of childhood.

Then the unconscious continues to influence our behaviors even though we are unaware of that.

But we can shine a light in these areas of the unconscious mind and slowly heal our emotional wounds.

Often, people that struggle with a sense of emptiness had parents incapable of emotional connection.

Sure, their parents took care of them on a physical level. Sure they loved them.

But those people didn’t feel seen, didn’t feel heard, didn’t feel understood, didn’t feel validated by the parental figures.

This leads, on an emotional level, to feel no sense of belonging with their family.

All those feelings remain stored in the unconscious mind.

We should fill our emptiness or void by finding what is our unfulfilled need.

But people do the exact opposite: they try to distract themselves away from the void with things like food, alcohol, drugs, money.

This cannot work, in fact the void gets even deeper.

The only way to fill our void is to shine a light on our shadows, find out our desires and then achieve them.

Because it’s possible.

The void is the perception of something we don’t have, something we need.

Only when we find out our desires and accomplish them we can fill our void.

So, we should focus on our void and fill it, not distract ourselves away from it and make it deeper.

Self-Love & Emotional Healing

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