What Is Chronic Disease And How To Heal The Body Of Illness In 4 Steps

We are losing our battle against chronic diseases.

It’s becoming evident that western traditional medicine is not the solution to our problems.

Yet we still believe that Medical Doctors know what’s best for us.

What is the real truth about health and chronic diseases?

The business of traditional medicine

Medical Doctors have been trained only in one small piece of medical science known as allopathic reductionism.

The fact is that medical science includes other kinds of medicine too: naturopathic, chiropractic, homeopathic, osteopathic, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and so on.

The reason why we only hear about allopathic reductionism is an economic reason.

Medicine is a business like everything else. Pharmaceuticals companies and some medical doctors are in control, they managed to create a monopoly since the 1920s.

Their intent is to keep the disease process under control with prescription drugs: they manage the disease, they don’t cure.

The whole system that has been created is focused on selling the cure.

The symptoms we experience are the result of bad lifestyle, junk food, stress and toxicity.

Prescription drugs suppress the symptoms. But they don’t address the root cause.

For example, consider that our house is full of garbage on the floor. We put a blanket on it and we don’t see it anymore. But it’s still there.

That’s exactly what happens when we cover the symptoms. The problem it’s still there.

Not only that, artificially modifying the chemistry with a prescription drug will disrupt the biochemistry even more feeding the disease.

We are not deficient in a prescription drug, we are deficient in vitamins and minerals.

I once worked as a writer for a big New York ad agency. Our boss used to tell us: Invent a disease. Come up with the disease, he said, and we can sell the cure. Attention Deficit Disorder, Seasonal Affect Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder. These aren’t diseases, they’re marketing ploys. Doctors didn’t discover them, copywriters did. Marketing departments did. Drug companies did.” – Steven Pressfield

“You need to talk to people that are producing results on a consistent basis. A doctor has statistically an average life of 56 years, the highest abuse of alcohol, the highest abuse of drugs and the highest rate of suicide. Is that the kind of person you want to ask how to be fit, healthy and strong?” – Leonard Coldwell, ND

“Your body has not forgotten how to heal—you just need to create the right environment for a long enough period of time to remove inflammation and infection.” –  Ann Boroch, ND

How the bias is built into the system

The health industry is run by pharmaceutical companies (Big Pharma).

Medical studies are biased because are funded by the very same companies that profit from the success of their prescription drugs.

Those companies also lobby politicians to pass legislation that is not in the best interest of human life.

Finally, those companies own the media. To say the truth to the general public would hurt the sales. So the information that people receive is biased, it’s dishonest.

If you are exposed to some information enough times pretty soon you believe it’s the truth.

However, if you really want you can break free of the system and really improve your health.

what is chronic disease | Fabrizio Fusco | you can heal your body

Here are a few step on how to heal the body of illness and break free from chronic diseases.

1. Follow someone who already did it

If you want to achieve something in life don’t trust someone for the only reason they have a title.

You need something more than just a title.

You need someone who already did what you’re looking for.

If you want to lose weight talk to someone that was obese and now is slim, healthy and strong.

If you want to be a marathon runner talk to someone who completed at least one marathon.

If you want to heal your emotional wounds talk to someone who defeated depression in his life.

These are the kind of people you want to talk to. They have done it before and are producing results. And that makes a difference.

2. Question everything

Educate yourself. Question everything you have been said.

Don’t be influenced by other people. Have the courage to follow your path.

A study conducted at the university of Leeds show that if we have a large enough flock of sheep and 5% of them go in a particular direction, then all the flock follows the same direction, without knowing why.

The study also shows that the same is true for human beings. For any large group of people, it only takes 5% to take a certain decision and everyone follows them, without knowing why.

I’m sure you’re better than that. Find your own truth. 

3. Eat healthy food and take natural supplements

Most of the stuff available on grocery store shelves or restaurant menus can hardly be
 called food.

Everything is processed and industrialized; they give us the calories we need to barely survive, but not the nutrients we need to be healthy.

Health begins with what we eliminate from our diet, not with what we add.

Also, each vitamin and mineral has a specific role in maintaining healthy cells.

Because of depleted and toxic soils and environmental toxins the amount of vitamins and minerals in the food we eat is declining. 

That’s the reason why we need vitamin and mineral supplements more than ever.

Check out my online healthy food & supplements store to find out a list of healthy foods and supplements that I recommend. 

4. Establish a healthy lifestyle

Physical exercise is a great way to be fit: it lowers the weight, improves the shape and fitness by strengthening muscles and bones, it regulates the glucose metabolism, releases endorphin that make you feel happy and helps regulate sleep.

You can run, cycle, swim, go to gym, whatever you want. Actually there is no need to be a marathon runner, it can be sufficient to walk or simply to stay in movement conducting an active lifestyle.

Another element to consider is toxicity: avoid or cut back toxic products.

Let go of what you can’t control. For instance, of course we have to breathe even if the air is polluted.

However, avoiding smoking cigarettes or recreational drugs is something that it’s under your control.


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