How To Find Your Passion, Happiness, And Purpose When You Feel Lost In Life

Motivation, happiness, inspiration are not things that you have. They are things that you generate from within. And you generate them by doing things you are passionate about.

It’s pretty obvious: you should start something that matters, a job that matters, something you love.

But what if you don’t even know what your passion is? What if you don’t have clarity?

This will keep you stuck, so you’d better understand why this happens.

Why you feel lost in life

We feel empty when the unconscious mind contains feelings, thoughts and memories of unhealed wounds and suppressed emotions of childhood. Then the unconscious mind continues to influence our behaviors even though we are unaware of that.

Feeling lost and not knowing what to do with your life is the result of having had your life focused on a path that didn’t belong to you.

You have to listen to yourself, to your necessities. You have to decide what is right for yourself, not someone else.

It may seem obvious yet too often the opposite happens. Indeed, institutions (political and religious) decide for us what we should believe in. Often family and friends as well decide for us.

Spiritual teacher Teal Swan explains how being found again is the result of inspiration.

When one is inspired, everything is effortless because inspiration ensures that any action we take is backed by universal energy.

So the real question is “how do I become more inspired?” 

The cost of shaping ourselves to fit the desires, preferences, and expectations of others, is losing ourselves; and when we lose ourselves we become frozen without direction, unable to make our own choices.

— Teal Swan (spiritual teacher)

Going in the direction of happiness

Inspiration is the natural byproduct of being aligned with a path that brings you happiness. 

If you want to feel inspiration you have to allow yourself to do what makes you happy and do what you feel a passion for.

You may not know what it is yet because you didn’t listen to your necessities till now. To find it out you have to try things out and figure it out.

You have to find them by yourself. No one can tell you what they are. The reason is simple:

You would be disappointed to walk on a path that is not yours, a path created by events, emotions, difficulties, circumstances that are specific of every single person.

finding your purpose in life | Fabrizio Fusco | when you feel lost

Here are a few elements to help you find your passion and purpose in life:

1. Admit to yourself that you’re lost

The first thing you should do is to look deep inside and be honest with yourself. Admit to yourself that you’re not living the life you want.

Don’t judge yourself, don’t be harsh with yourself. Instead start loving yourself.

2. Be curios and let your emotions be your compass

Allow yourself to be curious. Go out, try new things and see how you feel. Repeat this step and, every time, notice how you feel.

Emotions are your compass; they tell you if the direction you are going is correct. Let your emotion guide you and find the way.

The more things you experience the more you get clear about what you want do in life.

3. Fill your voids; don’t distract yourself from them

When we feel empty, when we feel a void inside it’s the perception of something we don’t have, something we need.

We should fill our emptiness or void by finding what is our unfulfilled need. But people do the exact opposite: they try to distract themselves away from the void with things like food, alcohol, drugs, money. This can’t work, in fact the void gets even deeper.

The only way to fill our void is to find out our desires and then achieve them. Because it’s possible.

4. Set high goals and divide them into small steps

Always aim high, don’t settle for less than your very best. Don’t be afraid to lose, be afraid not to even try.

Now, a long-term big goal seems intimidating. So here’s what you do: break down your big goals into small steps. And break them down in even smaller and easier steps.

One brick at a time you will build a castle.


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