How to Face the Fear of the Unknown

Knowledge is a perfect tool for self-improvement. However, we cannot know everything about everything. So we have to have faith. Indeed, all life is based on exploration, expansion, adventure, discovery, learning.

You hear it all the time: “We fear the unknown”.

The truth is we don’t fear the unknown, because if we did then babies would fear everything and they do not. They have no knowledge at all when they are born and, despite this, they are happy and thoughtless.

So, what we really fear is what we project into the unknown, not the unknown itself.

When we venture into the unknown, our mind tries to predict what we may encounter out there by projecting into it already acquired fears.

It’s those projections that we fear. We fear the potential unwanted things that we create in our mind.

If we manage to learn to not project our fears into the unknown then it wouldn’t be scary anymore.

Because we have to understand that we always have to face the unknown in order to expand ourselves.

We can’t know everything about everything. All life is based on exploration, expansion, adventure, discovery, learning.

We have to have faith. This means to have positive confidence or trust in something. It means to think something is true, even without proof.

It’s like feeling in the middle of the ocean. You can’t see the land on the other side.

This doesn’t mean it’s not there. Your eyes may not be able to see it but your heart knows that it’s there.

You just have to have faith that you can cross the ocean (the unknown) and get to the other side.

You have to have faith that you can have what you want from life.



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