Happy New Year

A new year is coming. What will you do? Every year you promise yourself to change. And then you never do.

You may look at the world and see corruption, wars, poverty, starving children in Africa.

You may feel like there’s nothing you can do to heal the suffering in the world. You are here and the problems are there. So you feel powerless.

You may go out on the streets and protest unleashing your anger against politics and a corrupted world.

Let me say that: “It’s worthless, you will never be able to control the behavior of other people. You can only change people that are willing to be changed.

If you want to follow this path, go ahead. If you are OK experiencing resentment in your life, go ahead. Deep down in my heart I respect you.

But if, this year, you really want to change something I have a suggestion. Focus on changing yourself, not the outside world.

The fact is you cannot give something you don’t have. You have to learn to love yourself first to truly being able to love others.

All relationships are, first of all, a relationship with yourself.

If you see the suffering in the world as the sum of the sufferings of each person, by decreasing your own suffering you’re reducing the suffering on the planet. And then you can inspire and heal the sufferings of the people around you that in turn will do the same. It all starts within you.

“When it comes to helping other people there is nothing more important than to improve your own internal condition. If you want war to end, end it inside yourself. If you want poverty to end, end it inside yourself. If you want suffering to end, end it inside yourself. Self-love is the root from where everything grows”. 
Teal Swan, Spiritual teacher

Happy new year,



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