Foods to Avoid

Health begins with what we eliminate from our diet, not with what we add.

An important step in recovery and healing is to completely remove harmful foods.

At that point adding healthy foods filled with vitamins and minerals will promote our health.

Most of the stuff available on grocery store shelves or restaurant menus can hardly be called food.

Food is processed and industrialized; they give us the calories we need to barely survive, but not the nutrients we need to be healthy.

Just look at the ingredients list of the foods you regularly buy: you will discover that there are dozens of ingredients in a single product.

Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT), Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), yellow #5, propylene glycol alginate, polysorbate 60 are only a few of more than 3000 food chemicals purposely added to our food supply.

Even foods labeled as “natural” are often heavy processed foods and contain many harmful chemicals used as food preservatives and flavor enhancers.

Now, just an example so you can understand: Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT), other than in the food we eat,  is also used in jet fuels, rubber petroleum products, transformer oil and embalming fluid.

It is clear that the solution is only one: stop eating anything that is not in its natural state. Stop eating any food that contains more than a single ingredient.

Some call it the One Ingredient Diet. If you eat only whole foods – by definition – you remove the processing, the industrialization, and the dangerous food additives.

For instance, if you hold an apple in your hand, it is obviously a whole food without processed sugars or additives. You don’t even have to think about it. An apple is just an apple, not a list of ingredients.

Everything you eat should start out as one whole ingredient that you can hold in your hand.

Just read the label and if it says, for instance, “ingredients: brown rice” go for it. But if it has a list of mono-sodium-whatever, forget it.

Of course, each item does not need to be eaten by itself, you can combine ingredients to form delicious meals. The rule is simply that, when you buy the products, they must start out as one whole and natural ingredient.

Now let’s go a bit further. I believe that parasites, especially Candida Albicans, are the root cause of our diseases as pointed out by naturopath Ann Boroch.

Candida Albicans feeds on sugar. If we eliminate it completely from our diet we can slowly starve this parasite.

You can find sugar in alcohol (it is liquid sugar, even more harmful), drinks, energy drinks, soda, fruit juices, cookies, snacks, canned foods. Sugar is the most harmful substance you can ever consume: it has no nutritional value and steals your body of minerals and vitamins.

Refined carbohydrates such as bread, pastries, cookies, pasta, white flours work similarly to sugar and are very harmful. They are irritants and weaken the intestinal walls, leading to chronic inflammation and leaky gut. When they are bleached and refined they lose most of the fiber, vitamin and minerals. Also, the bleaching agent used in white flours, is poisonous and has been linked to ulcers, schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis.

Trans fats are found in snacks, pastries, bread, cookies, margarine. Any food that contains “partially hydrogenated” or “hydrogenated” oil in the ingredients list contains trans fats. This means that the unsaturated (vegetable) oils have been heated to a high temperature for the sole purpose of preserving the food product for a longer shelf life. These bad fats are really poison and are the true cause of blocked arteries and inflammation.

Gluten is a protein that is abrasive to the Gastrointestinal tract and disrupt the villi.

These are hair-like projections that protrude from the epithelial lining of the intestinal wall. They help to absorb nutrients and keep the gut clean of yeast and bacteria.

Also, gluten is very inflammatory to the GI tract and creates or worsen leaky gut that consists of porous openings in the gut lining. This allows the yeast, its toxic byproducts and undigested food into the bloodstream.

It is clear that, even if you are not celiac and do not show severe allergic reactions, foods containing gluten are not healthy. The truth is that food allergies develops because of inflammation in the GI tract, so it’s a good idea not to wait until you became celiac, just cut off gluten before it does you more harm.

Dairy products are harmful too even if traditional doctors say we need them for calcium. Actually, the pasteurization and homogenization of cow’s milk chemically alter its mineral composition and destroy its nutrients. This processing makes the milk more acidic to the body ending up leaching calcium from the bones instead of providing it.

Only when you reduce (ideally eliminate) all the foods just listed you can start thinking about adding to your diet foods that promote your health. There is no benefit to eat a few healthy foods if you continue to constantly feed your body with poisonous meals.



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  • Barbara Malasiewicz says:

    Thank you Fabrizio for keeping this advice simple and easy to understand, people still dont realize that they can heal only by choices they make everyday.

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