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Five Elements to Build a Solid Relationship

Five Elements to Build a Solid Relationship

If you want to build a solid and lasting relationship there are 5 elements that you absolutely need to consider: communication, appreciation, passion, trust, having fun.


The power of words holds tremendous amount of power.

There is energy behind the words we use. Communication is fundamental…

When you can talk to the one you love for hours then you build a stronger bond, you build a better relationship because you are allowing yourself to surrender to each other.

The magic of love happens that way.



Don’t take people for granted.

You should be able to appreciate the one you love just like the first day you met them.

Yes, because with time, people get complacent, they get lazy, they take things for granted so don’t show appreciation with one another anymore.

So commit to create that spot once again, to be thankful, to desire to be with the one you love.



You can’t buy passion. This is something that has to come from within.

When you are tired, sad, disappointed, you feel like you don’t want to do anything.

So, passion is generated when you are healthy within yourself, when you have lot of energy, when you are at peace with yourself.

Then your passion extends to the person you are in a relationship with allowing you to create a better relationship.



We have to move past of this idea of ownership, because we don’t own anybody.

We should love in such a way that loved people feel free.

Once you trust each other you create a better relationship that will thrive. We have to accept each other expression of freedom.


Having fun:

Finally tap into your inner child. Do silly things together, laugh, smile.

It’s like having a tree. You have to water it so that it doesn’t wither away, so that the tree touches the sky.

Let you relationship blossom into infinity. Don’t take things so seriously with each other all the time.

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