Do Not Create Idols

In other people we see the person we wish we would be.

We create idols, we say “If I were just like her…”

It still happens to me sometimes… But we are not meant to have idols.

People who have chosen to be entrepreneurs need as many qualities and areas of expertise as possible. Sometimes it may feel daunting.

It is tempting to focus on the qualities of others forgetting that we do have qualities.

Sure, we can’t know everything, we can’t excel in every area. But to be successful we have to learn how to do a lot with little resources, with the resources we already have.

And we also have to be aware that nothing good comes from staying inside our comfort zones. It’s when we venture outside that we find meaning, joy, and fulfillment.

And so, often we start to focus on what others have in their lives and we start to notice what we are lacking instead of what we have achieved.

We notice that our weaknesses are still there.

Are we really free? What is freedom, after all?

We don’t have an answer anymore. We feel confused.

Sometimes it still happens to me but then I realize that I just have to be grateful for what I have. I have to surrender and let life flow naturally without opposing resistance.

In other people we see the person we wish we would be. We create idols, we say “If I were just like her…”

But you are not meant to have idols. You only have to find in people a representation of an idea of who you could be, an ideal of who you strive to be, an inspiration to become the person you want to be.

You can esteem and admire people and learn from them. You can see them as a model. But you don’t want to be “just like them”.

You can’t be “just like another person” because you have your own path.

You’re going to be disappointed to walk on a path that is not yours, a path created by events, emotions, difficulties, circumstances that are specific of every single person.



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