Anna F.


When Anna first approached me she was 55 years old, and had been suffering from excruciating migraines for nearly 40 years. Despite the dozens of pills she took daily, she hardly ever experienced any relief.

In fact, this chemical cocktail she was taking ended up causing a range of other issues as well, including psoriasis, IBS, nodules on her thyroid, and a large lymphoma which was approaching her vital organs.

And despite all the specialists she had seen, her condition continued to get worse.

At her darkest hour, after the advice of yet another specialist made her feel even worse, Anna approached me.


After assessing Anna’s overall health, it became clear that one of the major causes of her health concerns was a buildup of toxins in her body.

A mixture of natural supplements and a diet designed to reduce candida overgrowth in her body allowed her to wean herself off her prescription drugs.

After a year of treatment, many of Anna’s health issues disappeared entirely, while others became much less severe.

Today, Anna feels once again fully alive, and has reclaimed her life.

“My life was a nightmare with excruciating migraines. I had lost all hopes when I approached Fabrizio. And then in that moment for the first time I realized there were solutions, more than anything though I felt there was hope.

Along my journey, Fabrizio gave me back that hope and then he gave me back my whole life.”

About The Author

Hi, my name is Fabrizio and I’m grateful that our paths have crossed.

My mission is to help people who struggle with physical and/or emotional health to guide and empower them to create a vibrant, healthy and fulfilling life.

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