A Phoenix that Rises from the Ashes

Within every one of us there’s a spark that can light up the way to a new life.

We can all choose to rise from the ashes like phoenixes do.

In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird associated with the sun that obtains a new life by arising from its ashes.

It’s a perfect metaphor to indicate that everybody can find the courage to rise above fears and anxieties, the courage to change.

My story is a long journey through the difficulties that this world presents to us.

It’s the story of a boy that didn’t give up when his life was spiraling down.

It’s not so different from many other stories. But with perseverance and consistence I learned to shine a light on the shadow side of myself.

If you are not living the life you desire you know that within yourself.

You can mask this fact to others but you cannot kid yourself.

So if you decide to change you don’t have to do it for someone else.

You only need to give an answer to yourself.

My story is for you.

It is for you to inspire you to start a new journey toward the person you want to be, toward your authentic life, toward a life that honors who you are.

You can follow my steps, you can rise from the ashes.

Start now!

Learn more about my story here: “The Journey To Reclaim My Life


Hi, my name is Fabrizio and I’m grateful that our paths have crossed.

My mission is to work with people who struggle with physical and/or
emotional health to guide and empower them to create a vibrant, healthy and fulfilling life.

Who could you be today if I helped you overcome these problems? Learn More

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