No Society Wants You to be Wise

I firmly believe that real change can happen from the grassroots, not from the ones who rule us. If we educate ourselves and become wise and free beings we can change the system with our decisions, with our choices. We hold the power to make the rulers powerless.

But if we, the people, have the potential to change the system why hasn’t it changed yet?

The answer is simple, many philosophers and spiritual teachers, such as Osho, already pointed it out: no society wants you to become wise.

If people are wise they cannot be exploited. If they are intelligent they cannot be subjugated. If they educate themselves they would be a menace to the people who are in power, if they reclaim their individuality they will want to live in freedom.

Freedom comes with wisdom and no society wants people to be free.

The communist society, the fascist society, the capitalist society, the Christians, Muslims — no society wants people to create their own path, to use their own intelligence.

All societies repress your individuality, your creativity, your genius, your worth.

Because if you start using your intelligence you become dangerous. Dangerous to the people in power, dangerous to the states, dangerous to the organized religions, to the churches, to the institutions, to the corporations, to the nations.

In fact, a wise man is alive, is like a flame. He would prefer to die rather than to be enslaved.

Societies provide you with false knowing. That’s the function of schools, colleges, universities.

Yes, they provide you notions, they make you literate but ultimately they don’t serve you, they serve the vested interests of the men who are in power. You earn a degree and, of course, your ego is happy.

But universities don’t teach you to become wise. Wisdom needs a totally different approach, a diametrically opposite approach.

Wisdom is the flowering of your transparency, of your translucency, of your luminous being. That’s what we are doing here.


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Hi, my name is Fabrizio and I’m grateful that our paths have crossed.

My mission is to help people who struggle with physical and/or emotional health to guide and empower them to create a vibrant, healthy and fulfilling life.

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